it does not work. The author does not respond. Can you give me my money back?

I bought this article, I searched for people and I worked with developers who did not manage to install it either. please help me

I see from your comment that you’re getting an HTTP 500 error. If that is still the case, try to contact your web host. Such errors are usually on the host’s end due to an incompatibility and they should be able to fix it.

For a refund, open a request here:

This refund request will go to the author. If they do not respond within 5-7 days, you will see an option appear on the refund request to open a dispute with Envato.


are you sure. why there is no demo? why don’t you show me that the application works. They have everything. Show me and help me. Well, as I said several already tried and not. I would also appreciate this objective help. the sale item is damaged and the demo is not online even if it is hyperlinked on your page.

It seems like their demo website has gone offline within the last year. This happens occasionally to old items where authors have gone inactive. However, the script definitely was working properly, otherwise it would not have been approved for sale.

Because the author is not responding and the item is labeled as “not supported,” my suggestion would be to first contact your web host to fix the problem. If they cannot fix it, open a refund request. Unfortunately that’s as much as I can help in this situation.

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Okey thank you for your Time.

isn’t there anything newer in the same area?