what can i do? there is a produuct which isnt as described - and i neeed to wait weeks to recieve a refund fr omethng i cannot use??????

im not sure if this is the right forum for this as i found no email to cantact evanto directly - please processs my refund request - it been 15 days since i asked the author for a refund!!! and still nothing - i have no use for this product since it doesnt do what it claims to do in its main page and as such it is incomplete or broken. - this is the product - https://codecanyon.net/item/mtdb-ultimate-movietv-database/6447206 , full of bugs, doesnt support subtitles as described and support for which i payed for is close to nothing - i asked several times and the answers i recieved were zero in relevancce to the question!!! its hard to believe i have downloaded it once and after i saw it doesnt work i removed it and asked for a refund about 2 weeks after still nothing!!! i nealry every ccountry the law specificly limits sellers to refund for products not as decribed / broken or not working and this has all of these!!
i do not undestand this type f treatment by author to his buyers too -how is he an elite author if he treats all his customers this way??? the covid 19 is affecting most buisness should make authors understand that when they choose to treat buyers this way - they will actually loose buyers in the future!! unbelivable -im stuck with a procduct i have no use for and im still waiting for refund!!!

You can submit a support ticket to Envato here:

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