General Question & I need the true answer?

Hi Everyone,

If you have purchased a code for a certain deal & the code installation corrupted out of the box (Error in Installations due to code bugs), you report the situation to the author who seems to be careless by saying wait for a week we will update the code & you lost the deal can you ask for a refund or no??? If yes & the author enforcing you to take support what will you do ??? If Evanto left the decision in Author who is non-professional what will you do???

Please advise what my mistake?

Hello @marri2k

Sorry to hear you have an unpleasant experience with a file but here’s a piece of advice:

It is always beneficial for both the buyer and the author to have a good conversation regarding the issues in a file. Usually, most problems are solved through a polite dialogue where both parts explain the problem or the solution.

However, there are some situations where this doesn’t apply. In this case, you should check if you, as a buyer, are eligible for a refund. You can do that here → Can I get a refund. Please note that there are some reasons that don’t make you eligible for a refund.

If you are eligible for one, you can request a refund using the button in the article.

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Hi @MrsEnabled Thank you for the great reply, I did all of that & the Author Admitted that the purchased code is corrupted & refused to refund and I have to wait for many days to resolve this issue which lead to deal loss. I made a dispute but the author came through email and said you have to take the support & no refund will be made !!!

Most authors think that people trust them because of their products but the real because of Evanto this great platform that gathers all people for the sake of serving the Intellectual Property of authors.

I’m waiting for Evanto to reserve my right otherwise most of the people needs to reverse their opinion about them.

It’s good you contacted Envato regarding this issue. They will be able to assist :blush:

Although this is a pressing situation, I would kindly ask you to be a bit patient and collaborate with Envato Support. They are the only ones that can solve this. The team is working around the clock to solve all support tickets and they will get back to you as soon as they can.