It does not accept the license information

I bought wordpress theme from element envato site. The theme is asking for a license key. It does not accept the license information I download from your site. Codes are short. Can you help with this?

Hi fatih_hedef,

Elements does not need purchase codes. You can just ignore any message to enter a code. If the item will not work without a code, please let our support team know and they will contact the author -

Elements Help Ticket



Hi Charlie,

I bought this product and installed it. It asks for a license as you can see in the image below.

If it was from Elements then as above Elements downloads do not come with p/codes and the theme should work fine without needing to input this.

As per the screen shot this is for ‘support and updates’ which do not come with Elements downloads making it unnecessary

the theme will still work without needing to do this

More info here.

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