Issue with item prices. It is showing 2 prices for my items in Codecanyon

When you click on this link and go to the bottom of the page you can see few items are there for $29 and $74 but there actuall prices are $59 and $149(on clicking the item this prices are shown). Because of this i saw a decline in sales.
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Hi @WowCodes,

As far as I have checked your given URL I found:
Lowest Unique is showing $29 where the actual price is $59.
I think you have changed the price few hours ago and the price $29 is showing from the cache. I hope it will be fixed automatically when the cache will be cleared.

Another item showing the right price $74 from my side.


I didn’t changed the prices, the prices were slashed by 50% on the mid year sale.

These are the items with wrong prices showing on them:-
Actual Price: $149, wrong price showing: $74
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Actual Price: $99, wrong price showing: $49
[link removed]

Actual Price: $59, wrong price showing: $29
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Actual Price: $59, wrong price showing: $29
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My item was on discount till 30th June but still it is showing that price.

My all mid year sale campaign items showing the correct/actual price everywhere but I think there is something wrong with your item pricing display on search/category page.

Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


I have emailed them

The issue is yet not resolved and Because of the issue i have not got a single sale till now after the mid year sale.

I think for the weekend you didn’t get reply. please keep patience they will reply as quickly they can. Thanks


These items are all showing the correct prices you say they should be at:
If you are looking at these pages online using a PC press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your pages - I think what you are seeing is cached pages my friend :wink:

Please click and here and check the pricing once
[link removed]
Here it is showing the prices at 50% slashed rates and upon clicking on the item it is showing original price.

Hi @WowCodes. Thanks for reporting this - I’ve just raised it with our developers.

It looks like that search results page may have cached pricing information from the campaign. I’ll post here when that issue is fixed.


Thanks @BenLeong for helping me out. The issue has been resolved :smiley:

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