Cyber Monday - Price reduced twice

It looks like something went terribly wrong when my item’s price got reduced. Instead of getting reduced 50% from $14 to $7, it instead got reduced twice, from $14 to $3.

I went ahead and changed the price to $7, as it should have been, but on the Cyber Monday landing page it’s still $7 reduced to $3, which looks terrible.

Did this happen to anyone else?


Seems that when the Cyber Monday landing page was generated, your price was $7. This is why now its $7 reduced to $3.

I suggest you to contact the Envato Help Team via ticket by describing your situation.


@ThemeSLR That’s the problem, the item’s price was $14.

If you are sure the price was $14 then I suggest you to get in touch with the Envato Help Team.

@ThemeSLR I’ve contacted Envato Support. Thank you for the suggestion. Hopefully it will be solved soon.

You can edit the item and correct the price yourself.

@ThemeSphere Indeed. I’ve done that already, but on the Cyber Monday landing page the wrong price is still shown.