CodeCanyon - Price are different on search page VS product page


Just to point a bug…

If I do a search on Codeacanyon items are displayed with a price, for example let say 9$ then if I click on the product, on the product page the price is different +1$ so 10$.


Please double check. Is it for all Items or just 1/2 Items? If it is for 1/2 Items then it can be a possibility that Those Items Author has changed their Item Price very recently.


Yes for all items I have checked on Codacanyon (this not happening on themeforest).

To my opinion the price should be update for every place and enter only once.

never mind but I can see correct same price in both place. Please can you share screenshot. or links.

this features already exist. But most recent price update not show in search for cache refresh time.

I have did extra test and some have the good price

Those and several others have +1$

The backend should allow only 1 price per item main license and reuse it …

I just cleared my browser temporary file / cache and still have the wrong price…


as I mentioned those Author most recently has updated their Item price and it will take some times to get effect in search page.
If you go this page (used search super datagrid):

You will see other Items showing correct same price both place but for your mentioned Item Author price are different.

so, no bugs in codecanyon. just some delay for cache refresh time in Envato.


I’m not sure which cache your refer, I guess this is application cache not browser cache because I have cleared my browser cache and price have not changed yet.

I will check this week and let you know…

Hi yes you are right it is not visitors browser cache. It is Envato cdn cache refresh time. If you will check back after around 4-6 hours hope you will see same price both place. If you want to know more you can Contact Support. Thanks