Buyer fee changed from $4 to $5 on CodeCanyon without any public notice



I’m wondering what Envato and other authors thinks about this situation:
The price number is not just number. It has some meanings and there is bunch of research on that. So people hate now 49, 59, 69 and all those 9’s as they think they are frauded. The best numbers are 5’s, 1’s, 4’s and 0’s. So I had fixed 55 USD price (51 USD price + 4 USD buyer fee). Now I see the price is changed to 56 USD. As I go to conferences and talk about my product, including this year Envato EuroTour in Belgrade and WordCamp Europe, I would get myself into liar situation saying price is 55 while it got 56 two days ago. I set it back now to 50 USD + 5 USD buyer fee, but I prefer to be informed when buyer fee changes or so. There even should be information in Item Analytics about actual item price (with buyer fee), as now I cannot even know the day when it was changed as nor the statements page, nor analytics display that price change saying it didn’t changed while it DID. The second reason is that if I change price I want to do that not more often than once a year, and currently I prefer that 55 USD that was set this year will stay there for 3 years at least, as same it was with previous price.


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