Increasing Fixed Buyer Fees for WordPress and PHP Items on CodeCanyon

Today we’re announcing an increase to Fixed Buyer Fees for WordPress and PHP items on CodeCanyon.

As you know, Buyer Fees cover services like 24/7 customer support, fraud protection and item quality control. Back in September 2016, we set the Fixed Buyer Fees for categories on CodeCanyon accordingly as part of the launch of Author Driven Pricing.

From time to time we reevaluate these costs of doing business and as a result may adjust our Buyer Fees. We generally aim to do this in a way that will minimize any impact to items and authors.

What is changing?

Today the Fixed Buyer Fees for WordPress and PHP categories on CodeCanyon will be raised by $1 for Regular licenses, with a proportional increase for the Extended License fee in these categories.

The total purchase price for items in these categories will therefore also increase by $1. Item prices remain unchanged, and authors may continue to set them as they see fit.

Does this change the amount of money an author earns on a sale?

No. This change does not affect an impacted author’s earnings on a sale.

Does this change the purchase price of my item?

Yes. The purchase price of an item is a calculation of item price + author fee + buyer fee. Changing the buyer fee will result in changes to the purchase price.

Next Steps

This change will be automatically applied and there is no action required by authors. We will be around for the next seven days to answer any questions. However, please remember that it is against the law to discuss specific item pricing, and we will delete any post that does so. See our Help Centre article on setting your prices, for more details on this.


Thanks for notifying us about it!

But, item prices increased $1 more. So, I had to change my WP & PHP item prices.

Thank you for your notification about the price Update. Now Authors may need to reduce the Price by $1 for the competitive products.

Not cool :no_mouth:



We would appreciate to find out about such changes in advance, not when these already took place.


Really? It directly affects our prices. If we had an item at $19 because of marketing purposes, now it was raised at $20 and we would have to go down a dollar (1$ loss) to get to that needed price.

Your statement is not wrong, but it was made it such a way that it would not look that bad for you.

I am sure that I’m not the only one thinking about this.


Would have been nice to get a prior notice.


Of course it does. If we want to keep our current prices, we’ll lose $1 per sale. You’ve automatically increased all the Item’s prices without any notification to Authors. I really appreciate that there was no prior notification to this MAJOR change, says a lot.

Good luck to all of us who want to sell anything that’s around the $10~ mark, you’ll end up with a $2-3 revenue. 5$ goes to Envato (buyer’s fee), and another 30% or more from the Item’s price as the Envato’s general fee.


Totally agree with @Pricop and @GrohsFabian. I’ve several plugin at 19$ and 25$ for marketing purpose. Your decision forces me to loss 1$ per sale.

So what exactly is the advance for we as author? I have to pay more to have the same service?


30% if you are Elite, just think about the ones that just starting out with the 50%.

Heya. Just a reminder to keep things on topic and we politely ask that any/all copyright infringement related issues be reported directly to Envato Help Centre


Is this somekind of joke?

So if we are the ones that have to report the copyright infringement what exactly mean that you raised the buyer fee for fraud protection purposes?


Please remember that copyright and fraud protection are two completely different things.


Ok. Then could you provide then a more detailed description of the fraud protection service offered by Envato and what new features it will introduce after the buyer fee rise?


By “fraud” protection they probably mean an automated system that detects whether the user tries to pay with a credit card issued in a country, but the user’s IP being in another country. I can’t see what any other “fraud” protection they could have in place. Because they’ve totally failed when when they refunded this guy one of my Items for the reason “he thought it was something else”, while he’s still using his refunded Item on his non-licensed social network website.


Envato, since 1 January 2016, your new features / implementations are hurting the market so badly. From taxes, to payout options to the new dead search system.

Nothing new I guess!

For this action, our item was $69, it was raised to $70, should I decrease it back to $69 and lose ~$100 monthly?


You’ll lose more than $100. If you keep your old price, your % revenue will be from a lower Item price (your Item price will be $1 less, therefore you’ll earn a % of your new, lower Item price).

Yes, but by this action I have to increase my item price, but what if I want to keep it $69 for marketing purpose?

So Envato saying “Either change the price, or you’ll lose money”.


They’ve already increased it for you so you have nothing to worry about :sweat_smile:. Yeah, they didn’t told you about it.

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This is minimum!

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