Problem with automatic price update on Cyber Monday

Hello, good morning my item has been selected for promotion Cyber Week, it is on the landing page with the discounted value (from 29 by 14) but when I click on the item to its own page the item is still priced before the promotion, This error simply removes the item from the game because no one will buy an item in a non-promotion promotion campaign when you actually click it, what do I do ??? I followed all the guidelines so that the item was eligible for promotion, I am really disappointed with this mistake. Can someone with experience guide me what to do in this case? Thanks so much for the help.

As soon as it appears on the promotion page:

Meu item:


Have you changed the item price within the last 30 days? you can contact @BenLeong about this concern.


Thanks a lot, but I didn’t change the price, I knew the rules. I think it’s a mistake on the site, but it’s hurting me, I’ll get in touch. Thank you!

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