the price suddenly changed while i was making a purchase

i am trying nto buy a theme its showing 35$ by the time i went to get my wallet the price has changed to 69$ can you please help. i have screen shots of my main item that i wanted to purchase and it does show 35$.
it is still showing 35$ but when i come to conclude the deal, it is charging me 69$


may be author has changed their mind to get back to regular price and changed discounted price to regular price.


Can you share screenshots of the item showing both prices i.e. at different stages of the purchase?

thank you very much for the fast answers, here are the screen shots.

in theme page price is $69

I can guess most recently author has changed discounted price to regular price.

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Looks like they were doing 50% off on release but that the offer has finished early and it is back to full price

On our laptop it shows as $69 in both locations that you have screenshotted above

did it change back from 35 to 69 within the seconds that i clicked to place the order ??
because it is now showing me 69$ on the theme forest site but 35 on the wagency purchase side

Presumably it could be a caching issue.

so i guess there is no way i can get it at 35$ considering that when i pressed the button it was 35$ and by the time i wanted to conclude the purchase it went up to 69$ (just couple of seconds appart)

yes you are right the authors advertising discounted price in thier site. they didn’t changed the price to regular in thier site as they have changed in themeforest.

if you like you can ask them going through theme comments and ask them about it.

yes! good idea

so when i post in the comments they are the one getting the information and reading the post?
because i would really like it i can buy it to the initial price i clicked to buy it for.

do you think there is any chance that they will honor the price that i was going to buy it for ?
because it was set at 35$ on themeforest as well as their site when i went to make the purchase

price settings fully depends on Author. you can wait for their reply.

perfect thank you again for your help :smiley:

Have you resolved the issue?

no not really, they haven’t been really helpful

So the price is still 69 and you cannot purchase with the discount