Reduced price does not appear

Hello, before you could see the price reduced to the side of the normal price (this was crossed out) but now only appears the price lowered without any indication that is discounted, how can I reactivate it again?

I don’t know if Themeforest is different than Graphicriver with the way pricing is done, but is this about an item you’re purchasing, or one of your own items? If it’s your item, did you reduce the price from what is originally was? I’ve never seen a crossed out price before, but maybe that only appeared to indicate that the item recently had a price change, then over a certain amount of time it disappeared as it was no longer relevant. Or maybe I’m completely misunderstanding the question :P.

Seems to me like he misunderstood the forum for theme support.

@redessognarepijamas please go to the page for your theme and look for the “Support” tab. Like so:

I’m assuming here, but you might be on about an Envato discount rather than an author discount. As far as I’m aware, when Envato run special promotions, you’ll have the original price crossed out and the current price showing. It sounds like that discount has now finished… but be aware that authors can change their prices at any time. That may be as the result of a sale, promotion or just an ongoing price reduction. In these instances, the previous (or normal) price isn’t shown.