Staff check this ASAP please!

And again some item on AJ front page has incorrect price, fix this please, it has been sold already!

Bump! So no one care for more than two hours? (then buyers will).

Ok, congrats to both happy buyers with the cheapest purchase ever.
And congrats to the author with the first sales, great start!

Hope Envato will compensate you the money you’ve lost from this.

I see nothing wrong here. Seems to cost $15 just like it should.

Hey @Ladanauskas!

This is also fine on my end - What problem are you trying to demonstrate? :flashlight:

Yes, I see it fixed now, all is good. This song was initially priced with $1 (but weirdly with full range of licences: $2, $4, $8 etc, not like sound effect) and sold for this price twice. I claimed it shoutly imaging how such issues can hurt the author. Perhaps system pricing bug or reviewer’s mistake (or maybe only my heavy hallucination? why I didn’t screenshot :smiley: )

Public thread surely is not the best way to report such things, but I don’t see any other to make it fast and privatly to the staff.

Again: is priced $0!


wow indeed 0 dollars! how is this possbile??

You are good at this @Ladanauskas! thanks for sharing

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I thought that was Photoshop. It’s true! :scream:

Just did a search to see if any music come up listed at $1.
No results. The lowest priced item (music) I find is at $7.

The same of both recent:

So I have contacted the staff and hade the links, but anyways this thread is bumped to unnessesary community’s attention - not hard to find what the talking is about.

So: can anyone suggest the way to report such things to staff fast (Support ticket is excluded) and not puplically?

Fixed very fast, good job, :+1: Again!

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There is some bug at AJ frontpage: two new items are disable to get and are priced $0.

Same today:
The thumbnail leads to dead 404 page, the audio doesn’t appear anywhere. These unlucky items seem to be actually approved (being submitted by live authors with hopes for exposure and purchases). What happens with them further, do they reappear again as a new after this bug been fixed?

Let’s see.

Feb 12:

Still curious what is the fate of these tracks and does anybody care of it.

I also noticed this week’s featured file strangely disappeared for a few hours and came back. Maybe it’s a different issue, but still strange nonetheless…

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Recent item on Videohive seems has broken preview: