C'mon... wrong item price


Almost 2 days how my song was approved ( after mistakenly soft rejecting ) but price was set instead of 19$, to 15$
I tried to edit it and write comment to reviewer but nothing.After that I wrote to support and still nothing.Its pretty much silly to sell the song for less money than it should be.
Can someone solve this issue faster?



Hello @petrenj! Your request has to go through the Help system I’m afraid so it can get assigned to the right person.

As an aside, please note that sometimes (at the reviewer’s discretion) songs on AJ that are longer than 2 minutes can technically be priced at lower than the normal amount due to repetition/extended looped sections in the track. Not saying that’s what’s happened in your case, but just so you know.

Sounds like you’ve done the right thing already by opening a ticket however. It will get assigned to a reviewer who can double-check for you. Thanks so much for your patience. :thumbsup:


Nice to hear it from you Scott . About the duration of the song, yes, I know already the thing about 2 minutes, but this one is 2:35. I know its accidentally set that price. of course, we are all humans :smile:

Thank you for the fast response!


You’re welcome + good luck! :star: