Is this item graphicriver standard. Let me know please

I have submitted this item today. Is that graphicriver standardpreview

hi this is not bad though there are a good deal of things to improve indeed

1- typo
the typo is rather flat , lacking originality and font combinations

2- hierarchy of information
as u have a lack of relief in the text this logically bring u have to a bit of an issue in terms of hierarchy of information indeed, and u need to find ways to introduce a bit more distinction between main and secondary texts

3- alignment
u have several things that are not properly aligned , pls keep in mind that alignment is one of basic design principles and that to do some very professional work u need to arrange everything very professionally in this side

4- contrast
this is not the worst case , however , u have some issues in terms of contrast that bring a bit of a readability problem in the process, too …

5- spacing and breathing
quite frankly if u ask me the contents are a bit too dense in a general way and adding some white spaces would help the user to digest what u have here …

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Thanks a million for the imperative. Hopefully I’ll try my level best to solve those issues that you mentioned. Stay blessed dear…

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thank u good luck and good work :slight_smile: if u feel u have clues enough u can check the solution box, if u wish :slight_smile: