Please, give me review for my new item

I have created this new item for upload in graphicriver today. So, please give me suggestion where I need to improve as your think.

hi there are lots of issues with this item indeed
1- global style
there is an attempt to create something original, no doubt but the fact of the matter is that some of the oiginalities that u have brought to the table gave u a hard time when it comes to providing a well arranged and harmonious lay out indeed
i would also advice u to push the envelope graphic design wise, as the item does not have much of it at the moment …
2- arrangement
some things are hard to figure out why they are placed this way, why they are here and this makes me think that u just designed shapes and tried to adapt to them more or less awkwardly depending on situations … for instance, what is “plumber” doing alone at the left hand side? with an icon addition, i do not get it …
3- colors
think about complementary colors or activity colors , they are usually a smart choice and a guaranty not to be mistaken …
4- hierarchy
well the main title is ok and definitely being prevailing over the rest , the problem is that the second “level” of the hierarchy is strange and makes very little sense, not to mention that the place in the center of the canvas is a focus point, in other words, it should be dedicated to the most important points
5- spacing and disposition
pls make sure that all is arranged properly about it … u have a strange disconnection between left and right parts …
6- alignment
as this is a template u are expected to adapt the content also so that the item is breaking no rule and being perfectly harmonious indeed … this means, among other things that the block of personal info should be aligned vertically with the “why choose us” paragraph

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