I put my works on GraphicRiver but several times they rejected.

They wrote that: “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required”. Can you help me please what standards should be there? Will you show me one example?

You need to share the preview image here if you want feedback

I uploaded my photos can you give me some advice about it.

I’m not the right person to judge design work @n2n44 or @XioxGraphix or @DesignSomething would be better

You have allot of issues in this flyer.

  1. Typography | The cursive font doesn’t pair well with the sans serif that you use.
  2. Visibility | Friday isn’t visible.
  3. Hierarchy | You need to emphases the typo based on importance. The font that you use for secondary info is too thin and it’s nearly invisible.
  4. Model | Your model is poorly isolated and it is not integrated with the rest of elements. Also the image is low res.
  5. Effects | Lens flares looks amateurish
  6. Overall look and feel is too raw.
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hi i see a collection of things to fix, improve or modify here so that u can take your game to the next level indeed … lets get started
1- contrast
indeed, u are expecting to bring something to the table offering as high a contrast as possible in a general way and especially when it comes to titles and important information , the problem is that right now this is rather the other way around i would not go as far as saying that u are violating this basic design principle , as this would be an overstatement but indeed, the bottom line is that what u have to offer could really be way better about it, actually …
2- hierarchy
there should be very distinguished levels of reading between at least primary and secondary information and this is not exactly what u have here , only the title is a bit more outstanding - even if not that much to be accurate, but more all the same - and the rest is sort of flat and having not much relief indeed , pls see next point
3- typo
this is an esetnail part ere and the bottom line is that u are far from standards and from the high expectation that envato turns out to have about this particular point since , what u have to offer at the moment is pretty flat , lacking globally variations, font combinations and touches of originality indeed …
4- spacing
this is once again a basic design principle and the fact of the matter is that much improvement is needed this far, u need to make sure that everything is properly arranged about it
5- positioning of the date
this looks like that u tried to place the date wherever u could, wherever u felt that there could have space for this , and even if u turned out to place in the impact zone, out of lack of contrast , failing typo so to speak, u lost the benefit of a positioning that could make sense and left the date kind of “cornered” with very little impact …
6- branding
i am not sure that u are realizing about this but currently u have no place at all to place the name of the club … which is much of a big mistake insofar as a potential buyer will e willing, and legitimate enough, to promote the place they are owning and where the event takes place so that the brand is remembered too
7- readability
needless to say that if u have a text and that this text is not readable there is almost no way to justify that this is here in the end … this is what u have with the “friday” word, which is not only of no help whatsoever and of very little use to say the least but which is bringing u additional troubles too … see next point …
8- alignment
u are violating the concerned basic design principle out of misplacing the word friday …, this is killing the harmony of the rest of what u have done as well as this is disturbing in terms of eye habits …
9- dodging
this is cool that u tree to bring a dodging into this flyer but if u end up change colors of the flyer and do not adapt the preview accordingly , this is rather bringing negative thing to the table rather than any other thing, making the composition look fake or unreal
10- depth
indeed, u have not really managed to install deth out here … bringing some game of shadow behind the model would help . the same shadowing is missing behind some of the texts as well if u ask me …
11- balance
the problem abt is the following … u have a central axis being way more crammed than the rest , the lower part of the flyer is less busy but still ok but the upper part is getting way less busy again and i would even qualify the upper right part of being very empty , to be honest , thus creating a misbalance between areas