Is this Envato Policy?

Is this Envato practice or policy that an item on Themeforest get updated by author and that same item is not updated on Elements because of price differences? I’m asking because someone from support says base on price differeces authors are not subject to make updates to Elements Items even whhen they update that on Themefores. All that I know is that Elements items dont come with technical support and automated updates but are manually updated. Secondly authors are to make sure the same items on both platform should be updated even though on Elements it could be delay a while which I stand to be corrected. Please I need clarification to this issue. Thanks

Hi @digitalandyhub,

On ThemeForest and on Elements should be always the same (latest version) of the Item/theme. But, when the update is live on envato market (ThemeForest, Codecanyon, …) the latest files are not automatically added on Elements until author don’t click manually to get the last version also on Elements (to synchronize files). the author must “manually” update the Item/theme on Elements (to synchronies item on Elements with the item from TF).

So, may be the the author has forgot to “update” (to synchronize files - one click).

In this case you can go to envato market (ThemeForest) and contact the Item author and let them know. So that author can synchronize files and fix the version issue.


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Thanks for this clarification but I made a report to support and the one assigned to resolved this seems to be confused and has complicated the issue. It was established and confirmed through Envato Developer team that an item was not updated on Elements since February 2021 and this same item is updated on Themeforest since Aprill 2022. The arguements here from the assigned support is that because the Item is $99 on Themeforest, there’s no update for that on Elements. Meanwhile on item details page on Elements, Author claims items includes update. The question is that, why is support confusing update with pricing? Does is it mean he is ignorant on how things work? The only difference with Elements and Themeforest which is clear to me is technical support. This support personal has complicated the a simple over 2 weeks now and I have asked him to transfer this to his supervisor. I still stand for correction if perhaps im wrong or mistaken. The truth is that, the item does not want to update the item on elements.

Standing By

if the theme author don’t want to update the item then you can’t get the latest version. So, you can request the author if they consider and update the item. otherwise you can report it to elements support and elements support team can talk with the author. Thanks

I made that report, but the support is claiming something which is not true, that the item on themeforest has special functionlity than the one on Elements thats why author can’t update. But at first support was argueing base on item price and now functionality. This makes me confused. I don’t really know what is happening. For my checks i have made on elements, the author has about 89 items and I’m sure they are mostly not updated because for 4 items which i checked from the same author has the same issue.And Its very sad…i just need a resolution