Please update your items


This is a message to the Envato staff.

Please encourage the contributors to Envato Elements to update their products from time to time. Especially the CMS templates.

I’ve just downloaded a Joomla template to use and it was last updated in 2016!

I’m not even sure if it will be possible to update this to the current version of Joomla as there were some huge structural changes in version 3.7, this particular item is based on Joomla version 3.4!

I will remind you that we are paying clients, so this kind of item should be up to date or removed from the library. As, in effect, I’ve purchased this item as part of my membership.

An alternative would be to at least mark each item with the date it was last updated.

Regards, Brendan

The Elements subscription does not include item updates, nor do they include any sort of item-specific support.

For these things, you need to purchase items on the Envato Marketplace such as Themeforest.

This is not really helpful to those, like myself, who subscribe to this service and in doing so expect at least the items being offered as up to date at that point. I understand the authors may not offer updates or support once the item has been downloaded. But, at the point of download, the item should at least be reasonably current. Or at least marked as ‘old’ ‘outdated’ etc. so we don’t waste our time with products that will not work properly on a modern browsers or php environments.

The question is, does the theme even has a newer version? You can check it by searching for it on the ThemeForest.

Anyway, if the item does not work with the latest version of Joomla, then please contact the Envato Help:

I agree that when it comes to CMS templates (WordPress, Joomla, etc), there should be much more strict requirements on items. Offering an items which hasn’t been updated for ages and is not working with the latest version of the CMS is nonsense. Items like these should be updated periodically.