Is there an alternative for

Is there an alternative for

We are tired with this awful service.

Thank you

You can setup your update server for theme/plugins by using this :

Hey can you share your experience? Why you are tired?

Have you used it in any of your themes and it made it through the review process? My theme got soft rejected due to the wp-updates code.

i am using along with (hosted on my server) in some of my plugin. both works well together. wp-update-server will take care of everything that offered by

For starters,

  • Their website goes down at times
  • Password reset doesn’t work
  • Their support email bounces back
  • Overall, it looks like the owners of the service don’t care about it. No changes since more than an year.

The issues I mentioned might have been fixed, they’re just the ones I faced.

Okay. Thanks for the info.

They are no longer owned by the same company. They’ve definitely dropped the ball since taking over, they hardly ever are up anymore, takes me forever to check for updates with plugins using their services

Providing update file via your server isn’t allowed and this could be rejected.

I wrote a small class for automatic update from Envato here WPES Envato Theme Update class.

Buyer would need to enter their purchase code and personal access token.

You could go ahead use it for free in your themes.

The site, email support have both been down for about 5 days now. No messages or alerts to their paid up customers.

You could check out Kernl ( It provides the same basic functionality as, plus more. Features include:

  • Private plugin & theme updates
  • Purchase code validation
  • Push-to-build integration with GitHub and BitBucket.
  • HTTPS secured.