Anyone using is provides update server and Envato license checking feature. I wonder is anyone used this service before? Is that secure and useful?

Isn’t that exactly what envato API / tokens / plugin etc. is for?

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Envato plugin enough for Wordpress themes but doesn’t provide updater for plugins. Am i wrong?

I think it works for plugins too

(Assuming you mean plugins you have purchased and not those bundled with themes that would require the theme author to update as part of a theme update)

It is good solition. But requires extra plugin. I am talking about Wordpress default update service with Envato verification api.

At first glance, it looks interesting and pixelgrade is a power elite, so know what they are doing.

That said - there have been lots of similar things come and go in the past (usually due to the authors underestimating the resource required), and there are some claims/comments which they will need to watch like suggesting restricting updates to extend support, but that’s just wording.

What related with pixelgrade?

Look at the footer - it says they are invovled

Ok. I see now. I trust pixelgrade so i will integrate to my plugin. Thanks.

I use it with my theme for auto-updates.
it’s good, but I’m thinking of building an activation with the domain so a client can use one code for one domain and he can change it any time, I host my plugin on S3 it will be good to provide this only to your clients, not anyone used the code ( I sold 1.5k but the update go to 10K website )

Yes it must limit the updates for one domain. Did you find any different solution for this?