WordPress Plugin to provide auto update with Purchase Code Verification

So last day I decided to make my own WordPress Plugin to provide auto update for commercial themes and plugins with purchase code verification. This is in alpha stage but available for testing and hacking.

Please give feedback:

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That’s awesome. :slight_smile: i am also thinking of developing a new plugin.

i am also a wordpress developer. let me know if you need any help in this. :slight_smile:

It is already working and I have tested it. I have asked from the author for some help https://github.com/YahnisElsts/wp-update-server/issues/56

But now I feel that the plugin is very useful if we use GitLab CI or any other CI workflow. We do not have any UI for uploading the zip files. The CI kicks in when I tag and uploads the zip to the distributions directory. This automates everything.

Bdw, if you can, I would be greatful with helps regarding PHPUnit tests. I don’t usually develop without test suits, but since I am on tight schedule, I did that. https://cq.wpquark.io/dashboard?id=cq.wpquark%3Awpupdate It almost kills me :frowning:


To be frank I am sill learning about php unit test.

will do it once i get an clear idea about it. but other than this let me know if u need anything

No problem. Use it and then if you find any issues get in touch at github :slight_smile:

Right now the only thing I need help with is dashboard (populating graphs etc like this https://github.com/YahnisElsts/wp-update-server-stats ). But I don’t have enough data to test. Once I have I will come back at it.

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