Need account help



I made a rookie mistake a year ago and have purchased several CodeCanyon WordPress plugins on behalf of a client. He’s paid me for them. But we’re going to part ways soon. I’m trying to figure out if there’s a simple way to transfer ownership of some plugins from me to him. Otherwise he’ll need to purchase each of them again himself and each will require a new registration code. I couldn’t find anywhere else to contact help so I hope someone here can direct me appropriately. THANKS.


I’m pretty sure you can just give him the licenses. Normally you can’t sell, transfer or distribute licenses… but if you’ve been hired by a client to work on a project, and you’ve had to buy licenses in the course of completing this project, then you’re within your rights to then transfer the ownership of those licenses to the client once the project is complete.

I think the wording for the license is that it is “for you or one client”.


Thanks for responding. The issue isn’t the license per se, which is already installed and functioning on his site. I’m concerned with how he’ll renew it annually. Of course…now that I’m writing this… do any of them need to be renewed annually or are they lifetime licenses?! If the later I’m good to go. I was thinking he’d have to keep paying for them each year.

But even if they don’t have to renew, they do need to download updates when they’re released and that would be in MY Envato Account. AFAIK none of the Envato/CodeCanyon WordPress plugin ever just one-click update inside the Dashboard. They seem to require a manual download and install. He wouldn’t be able to do that. I guess unless it’s a security update it’s not a big deal. But I worry about security fixes.

Thank you!


They’re all lifetime licenses. The only exception is the new support services for Themeforest and Codecanyon items. The items themselves though are no problem.