Free Envato Plugin & Theme Updater Script for your customers




I developed a PHP library for all WordPress plugin and theme authors. With this library you can easily manage your updates and send notification to your customers when update is available. Your customers can download their update from wp-admin panel.


Customers can postpone this warning to remind later or disable the warning forever.

All installation and usage details on my GitHub page.


  1. A little panel to users update their purchase code.
  2. UI improvements

I’m waiting your feedbacks.

Thank you and good luck with sales.

– Eray

Envato API & Wordpress Plugin Help.
Envato API & Wordpress Plugin Help.

Interesting! Just in time for my new plugin. :smile:


Glad to hear this ! Thank you and good luck.


Does this require a purchase license code in order to get updates?


Thank you for sharing !! It can be really useful, I was looking for something like that 1 week ago :smile:



Yes, would like to know this?


Yes it does require a purchase code.
Check the code -


Looks good, did anyone try it? I gave it a quick go and it gave me an error.


No net yet! I will try soon.


This could be exactly what i’m looking for. And would save me writing my own solution.

Has this been tested by anyone?

Edit: Is there anywhere that it request the user of the plugin/theme to enter their purchase code?


Tried just now… :smile:


Great start man. It will be very useful once it ready and perfectly working. And compatibility updates needs to be noticed after final release. :+1:
And what does it mean by Composer on github page?

Thanks for this script.


And we need to upload our plugins and themes in our own website in a folder? or some other way…


And another screenshot which I tested locally. :wink:


Just a quick idea. The plugin version can be available with the get_plugin_data() function. Wouldn’t be better to make it more simple and get the current plugin version number automatically?

Anyway, thanks for this great stuff.



Thank you so much for your all comments. I’m using it on my all plugins. As you already figured out, it’s asking for purchase code from user, and then downloading updates from CodeCanyon by using this purchase code.

[Composer][1] is a dependency manager for PHP projects. If you don’t use it , you really should. Because it’s automatically updating your dependencies. For example you set my updater script as dependency to your project, when I release a new version of the script, you just need to execute composer update command instead of download new version from GitHub, removing old version from your project folder and copying new version.

[1]:[quote=“n_media, post:13, topic:2484, full:true”]
And we need to upload our plugins and themes in our own website in a folder? or some other way…

No. It’s download files from Envato sites by using customer’s purchase code. You don’t need to upload your files to anywhere.

I tried it but it won’t work for themes. Also it will decrease performance to find plugin version.


Awesome man, all clear now! :slight_smile: blush: We use TGM to include plugins, Will it work with TGM as well?


It should :slight_smile: There is no conflict with TGM. But customers still must upgrade their plugins/themes manually.


manually? This plugin will not automatically allow them to update it, thats the main purpose of it I guess.


It’s not possible to install (or update) it automatically. Because zip files which downloaded from CodeCanyon including documentations, license files and more. Not directly plugin files. An example structure:

     -- documentation (folder)
     -- LICENSE

So we need to unzip it, find real plugin files and upload them.

This script checking for updates and if any update is available, downloads it to customer’s computer directly. So customer can unzip it upload real plugin zip.