Customers don't see theme updates


Our users are complaining that hey don’t see any notification of updates for our theme.

What do you guys use to nitiufy your customers of updates except the Envato e-mail notification?


When submitting update, remember to check the below checkbox

Notify Buyers
Send a notification to buyers when this update is approved

Your buyers will get notification that the theme they purchased has an update.

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That’s correct! That’s the only way to notify buyers. Cheers! :slight_smile:

We always check that but how will the customers get the notification? Will they just recieve an email or will they have a notification on their dashboard in WP?

They’ll get a mail notification if you check that in the edit item page! :slight_smile:

Thanks Enabled,

Is there any way to have a notification on the dashboard itself? Just like when WordPress has a new update?

Honestly, that is above what I know ( I’m just front end ), but I can tell you that I know authors do that! So I guess it’s okay! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are talking about WordPress then take a look to this plugin at this topic Envato Market WordPress Plugin (beta)
This is official plugin released by Envato staff that does the trick.

This notifier works well, you update the xml on your server that then displays a notification in the WP admin.

^^ Sorry i ended up trying to remove half the git code but ended up blurring it instead :smile: