Call to all developers. Conform to the Wordpress update mechanism!!

Hi all,

Cool themes available here at ThemeForrest, but what about updates? I see a lot of manual downloads and email notifications by the developers on theme updates and the release management as a whole. Or better, lack thereof. Being the owner of a dutch Wordpress hosting company I still see a lot of unnecessary manual labor.

Wordpress and it’s update mechanism has been around for over a decade and I want to make a plea to all developers that they use Wordpress’ update mechanism. We are about to step into 2016 and manual updates are not of this age anymore. Get your email, download the theme here, upload the theme on the website, etc. … That was yesterday.

In other words, make your updates visible in the Wordpress Dashboard. Implement an API key mechanism so the website can access the updates. Voila …

If you’re from Envato … Help developers and facilitate this and help them do so.

If you’re a developer and have any questions on how to do this, feel free to post you response. All I want is to ease the world of updating themes.

Thanks for your time!

Kind regards,


not sure but it may help

Dear Jthemes,

That is so cool. Will try that. Did some googling but only found (possibly old) threads on this still being an issue until 5 months ago.

Thanks again!