WP-Updates.com not working


We use http://wp-updates.com/ to offer updates on our themes but it has been broken for a week now. This happened a month ago also: it broke for more than a week.

We just want them to fix their service so we can add one last update for our themes to use a different updating method. And ask for a refund of course.

So that’s the question… anyone knows how to contact these guys? I tried contacting http://themeforest.net/user/gilbitron but without luck.


Oh nevermind, just saw this: https://dev7studios.com/wp-updates-under-new-management/
Basically we got screwed. That hi@wp-updates.com email address doesn’t exist and there is no one to contact. I suspect that that post is really just a lie, but I can’t prove it.

In any case, we’ll just have to accept the fact that we have been robbed. Too bad :frowning:

Envato has the new Envato Market plugin, there is no need to use 3rd party update hosting any more. It’s all handled through the Envato API.

Yeah thanks we already removed wp-updates from our themes. We were just hoping to get a refund. Not gonna happen though.