Is there a problem with uploads?

I am uploading after a long time & I used ftp to upload the files for submission. They won’t show in the uploads section. It seems the flash is working just fine.

Need help

Sometimes after I upload my item via FTP and it’s bigger than 300 - 400 MB I have to wait 2 or 3 minutes, then I am clicking F5 and my item is showing in upload section.

So upload your item via ftp and then wait, leave it for 5 minutes. Then go back to your upload page and press F5 (refresh your page) - and your item should be there. Works for me. But do only upload, do not make any descriptions etc. because after refresh it can dissappear so your work on descriptions etc. can be lost and you will have to do this again, so just upload, after upload is finished leave it for few minutes and then refresh.

PS. I am using FileZilla (best one for the market), Chrome brower, I am sending zip files. Make sure your zip file is not too big ( I am trying my best not to go over 1GB).

Try this method :slight_smile: