Is the watermark loud enough? Is the EQ OK?

Hello Everyone!

This is going to be my first upload on this account,
and I want to make sure that everything is OK about it
before I actually upload it.

I have 2 questions:
1.) Is the watermark loud enough?
2.) Is the EQ OK?

Thank you so much for your help, I highly appreciate it!

Have a nice (and healthy) day, Everyone!

LOVED it. My two cents:

  1. The watermark could be just a notch louder IMO.
  2. The piano sounds beautiful. Pristine.
  3. It might be a bit long for AJ standards. Perhaps it’s a good idea to craft a ~2min cut and include this version as an “Extended Version”.
  4. I can’t quite remember where I read this, but AJ is not fond of single instrument tracks. It could be a good idea to prepare a version with a subtle string pad arrangement or something similar and include this as a “Solo Piano” version. Take this with a grain of salt, though.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your helpful reply, WormwoodMusic!

I raised the volume of the watermark 2.5db more,
I hope it sounds OK now.
Although I find the watermark’s last syllable a little bit quieter than the rest of it.
in the loudest part, even with louder watermark, occasionally I can hear the watermark-woman saying “AudioJun” (instead of “AudioJungle”).
I hear the same in many music that’s already on AudioJungle, so I thought maybe that is acceptable here,
the quiet and medium loud parts sounds “AudioJungle” so I thought it’s good now. Thanks for the 2nd pair of ears! :slight_smile:

I also created a short version of the song as you suggested,
although it got a little shorter then 2 mins (1:44),
but that was the part where I felt I have to cut the MIDIs.

Also unfortunately I couldn’t do a good string pad version,
although I tried, but I never made one before and none of my tries were good enough for my taste at least.
I might try that again in the future when I get better so I can update the song later (although first the reviewers have to approve it, I hope they will :sweat: ).

I keep this “AJ not fond of single instrument tracks” tip of yours in mind, special thanks for that! I didn’t know that. (I took it with a grain of salt :slight_smile: )

At first I thought, as a thank you, I will write you something like “if you ever need some help with solo piano things, I am happy to help you!”, but I listened to your music and I think you have an awesome portfolio and I don’t think you need any kind of help from me :smiley: , I wish I could write stuff like yours!

So thank you for your help again!!

Good luck to You too, and have a great day! (You made mine!)

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Ha, no need to thank for anything. :slight_smile:

1:44 is a much more standard length around here and you can include the full piece as an extended, secondary version. As for the orchestration, solo piano tracks are usually an exception to that single-instrument guideline so it should be fine.

Best of luck with your submission!



I think you nailed it, personally. If you search for “solo piano”, there are some really nice ones, and there are some dreadful ones that I’m shocked made it onto AJ, quantized with no velocity variation and tons of mechanical noise.

Yours is pleasingly composed, well-articulated, human-like, and beautiful. I’d be shocked if it were not accepted. I’d be scared too, because I have a solo piano track submitted too that isn’t as nice as yours, and should be getting the verdict within hours! :wink:

GREAT job!

  • Nathan
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