Is this too bassy?

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I would like to ask you
do you think this is too bassy?

(These are just 2 versions of the same track, the second version is just without subtle piano noises.)

(I want a warm soft sound,
but unfortunately I’m not really good with EQ yet,
and I’m not sure if this has too much bass or not?)

Also, do you think the AudioJungle-watermark is loud enough?
Do you think this can get approved by the Reviewers?

Thank you so much for your time and for your help!
Everybody have a great day!

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Yes, too much low end, it sounds pretty muddy; and the watermark could maybe be louder. Fix the low end first and the watermark might be okay.

Nice track though, I’d think it has a solid chance of approval with a little tweaking.

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Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

I changed the EQing, now it sounds less bassy to me, but I’m still not totally sure, I’m using a pair of iLouds (the old ones, the ones that are separate left and right speakers) and it is 3 inches, and I’m not sure if I can hear the lower frequencies on it or not, I can’t remember how exactly low they can go.

I tried to make some of the mid-high[?] frequencies about 2 db louder, so maybe it will make the whole thing less bassy feel, I’m not sure.

Do you think the EQ sounds correct now?

I also raised the watermark by 3.5 db (I chose a lower volume for that before, because I found it really distracting when listening to a soft piano track, but hopefully this is still not too annoying loud watermark now (I listened to a few solo piano tracks, and I found that lower watermark is like a tendency with soft piano tracks, so I thought it could be okay, hopefully it’s okay now?).

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MUCH better - more clarity, and you’ve still retained the warmth. I think that’s a very usable track and should sell well.

Watermark seems fine, too.

I’d certainly accept it if I were a reviewer - let’s hope they feel the same way!

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1st track with noises is totally unaccepted!!!
is your piano real? it seems like it has a lofi effect on it and its not clean
these 2 problems are huge, reviewers do have good gear to listen to problematic audio, and this is problematic

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Thank you so much for your tip!

The piano is not real,
it is NOIRE and I just used the “Emotional” preset sound,
which has some additional mechanical noises by default,

and when I listened to it quietly, I thought I liked it so I just left it that way and made another version without the noises for some extra choice for the buyers,

but now that you said it sounded like it has a lo-fi effect,
I checked it and at first I couldn’t hear it,
so I turned up the volume a lot, and listening to it louder it really sounds something like a lofi effect,

I don’t have a lofi effect on it though,
but you convinced me to not upload the version with the mechanical noises because depending on the playback volume it really could sound like a weird lofi effect, extra thanks for that tip!

I don’t know what frequency to lower to make it cleaner, I tried to change EQ-ing, and when I boosted a little bit the mid-high(?) frequencies it brought out the noises sounds too too much it looks like
(but it doesn’t matter anymore because I won’t upload the mechanical noises version as you suggested)

May I ask you for another quick tip please?
What frequency would you cut to make it sound cleaner?

(I would like to have a soft/warm sound to it, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t sound clean?)

Thank you very much for your help!

Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

Without help like yours and the other people who helped me here,
I would have many rejections simply because of some noob technical mistakes I made in the mixing part,
and after they reject it (even with just technical/mixing rejection reason)
then I am still not allowed to upload the same song with corrected EQ, corrected watermark volume level, etc.

Actually I don’t mind this rule,
but I would never be able to figure out this on my own,
because the reviewers don’t really send back customized tip messages,
I guess they don’t have time for that, but I have no idea
(by the way I’m not complaining at all,
I simply just trying to understand how AudioJungle works and the reviewers’ expectations etc., because on the website they write something general like “Listen to some of the best sellers for reference” (this is just paraphrasing, but it’s something like that if I remember correctly,
and it helps newcomers as much as a carpenter’s apprentice would look at tables at the store to learn how to create a nice table (instead of getting some pro help from the main carpenter himself, so his carpenter business would go better/faster with a capable apprentice)

Anyway, all I wanted to say is thank you very much for your help! I will remember that :slight_smile: I wanted to write here something like “If you ever need some help with piano music, I would be happy to help you too”
but I just checked your portfolio,
and I think you have great music there and I think you probably don’t need any kind of help from me haha :slight_smile:

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Cut gently some lower mids in 288 and 560


Wow I have no words! You took your free time and effort, and downloaded it, put it in your DAW, EQ-d it, took a screenshot of it, and replied to me here with the attached screenshot, I honestly could’ve not asked for better help man thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

I just did exactly that that’s on your screenshot, including the Q factor,
and here is the result:

Do you think this version will be OK as a final version?
Should I submit this version to the reviewers now?

Thank you so much again! This is probably the most helpful help/tip I got from any kind of online forum/community man, I will definitely remember that! :slight_smile:

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You are quite welcome - thank you for your kind words! And @Pandocrator did a fine job with your track I think.
Very nice, and very generous!

Best of luck to you!!!

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A very nice track. What I always end up doing with piano is taking out some of the 800 to 2k, to make it sound more clean and make room for voice over or something. It might be just a personal preference but anyway with this track I would definitely try that too.


First of all,
I’m sorry about my late reply here,
"Life happened." as they say,
but finally I found some extra free time again.

Thank you so much for your tip too PhotonicMusic! :slight_smile:
It sounds like a really good idea to do, I haven’t though about that :open_mouth:

I have no idea at what frequency and how much dB should I cut exactly (for this specific track at least),
so I just tried this:
I lowered 3dB at 1400Hz (with the default Q factor (1.000)).

I set the analyzer frozen for the whole song,

and I tried to adjust the frequency in the 800Hz-2000Hz range like this:
moving to 1300Hz, and then 1200Hz, and then 1100Hz, etc…,
also moving to 1500Hz, and then 1600Hz, and the 1700Hz, etc…,

and I don’t have enough experience with EQ-in (especially for voice overs) to tell which one setting sounds the best for this track,
so I just kept it in the middle of your suggested range.

(I tried to lower it even more (-6dB),
but I found that made it sound weird, like it has a hole in it or something.)

Do you think this sounds good now for voice overs too?

(If you answer will be “Yes”,
then after your answer I will upload this.)

(PS. I just noticed that previously the tuning was set to A = 436Hz, because I forgot that I was playing around with the settings in the beginning, but now it’s set back to normal A = 440Hz tuning…, so that’s why it sounds a bit higher in comparison to the older versions)

Yes, there is always a danger of the hole :smiley: If you notice that, it means you went too far with eq.

To my ears this sounds better, but eventually you need to decide, because you need to learn to trust your own taste, that’s probably the best lesson I ever got. When you try and make things that YOU like, then after some time you get confident in it.

A technique that I use for cases like this - I take a narrow Q and boost the eq quite a lot. And then I sweep around the frequency range and where the sound becomes painful to my ears that usually means that this are needs to be dampened. For example if you boost 6db at 1000hz and move to 800hz and find out that at 800hz sound becomes painful - then this is where you reduce and listen if it got any better.

I do this all the time with pianos since they have a lot of rich “dense” frequencies (sorry can’t find better words for that :D)

Good luck!

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I’m pretty late to say the least, haha :slight_smile:
but I just want to say a big thank you for all of you again,
The track just got approved! :smiley:

I hope everybody has a great day (and survive the Black Friday! :slight_smile: )

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