Feedback ! !

For some time, I’m still trying to get an acceptance on the audiojungle.
This is the last song I sent, although I’m sure you would not be accepted!

I do not know what’s wrong, I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on the internet, I read articles like this, I’m doing everything like there!
But I can not get to the quality of the accepted songs on AJ!
I would be very grateful if someone could give me some advice on how to improve the quality of the songs! Where should I work or what is wrong?
Thank you !!

There are some timing issues and it sounds heavily compressed, it would sound much better if it was played more consistently which wouldn’t require a lot of compression.

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Thank you, I’ll keep this in mind!

Hey Studiofa :wave:
Like OvertSounds said there is too much compression on it. Listen to reverb tails attentively. They are all sounds unnatural. Your compressor just equalizes all loud and quiet moments to the same point.

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Hello !
Thank you for your advice !

Make left hand of piano a little bit more soft. Try to set a “velocity” to low range. And the right hand, where is your main melody, make the melody more simpler , without so many running on keyboard. Less reverb ofcourse. Hope helped you.

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Thank you for your advice !