Is the AJ watermark too quiet in this track?

I still can’t decide how loud the watermark should be, in the previous tracks I think it’s too loud but I’m afraid it’s too quiet here

It’s a little too soft only sometimes in the louder parts. But overall I could hear it throughout the whole track…so it did its job. Good to go by my ears.

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Thanks for your opinion!

Just put the watermark without changes to your mastered track and that’s all
And don’t forget about limiter

That’s what I did but I put the limiter only on the watermark track. I think I should’ve put the limiter on the master track.


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why limiter on already mastered track?

Actually I wrote it not correctly above… I’m not putting the limiter on the watermark track that wouldn’t make sense.

OK so after I master a track and want to put a watermark on it, I have 2 channels in my DAW:

  1. The mastered track with no effects on it
  2. The watermark with no effects on it

And I have a limiter on the master track. I need this because the mastered track has very little headroom so at times, watermark + track goes over 0dB, I can’t have that so I’m using a limiter.

But as a result I’m getting what I got in this track, in relatively quiet sections it’s OK but in loud parts the watermark is hard to hear clearly (this depends on a track, sometimes if RMS is lower than this track it’s OK).

I guess the best way to fix this would be to just increase gain for loud parts, the limiter would still do its job and wouldn’t let the signal over 0dB.

So, what’s your suggestion? Is this how most of you do it or is your technique different?

maybe i just haven’t thought it through properly but when i do my mastering, my final track is already limited so it never peaks over 0db, i just have my mastered track on one channel, and my watermark on second channel and bring the water mark up so it’s audible, never worry about a limiter on both although that’s probably not a bad idea…

Yeah, of course that’s true for my final tracks as well. But when you add the watermark signal, both get summed up and you get distortion when the audiojungle lady says “Audiojungle” in the loud part of your track.

and yes, I did call her the audiojungle lady.

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lol… what else would you call her :slight_smile:

You’re definitely right and something I just didn’t really pay much attention too. Going to start doing this!

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