Is it worth continuing in Envato?

Hi everyone, how are you asking me if it was still worth it to continue to be happy? I have suffered many rejections after a period in which they almost accepted everything, in the end you work so much and you lose your work because they do not accept it, nor have I had sales. last months as before, I’m a relatively new author, thank you

hi buddy do not get discouraged , u have to stick to bring your game to the next level, i know that at this stage this is pretty harsh what u are experiencing but the efforts that u do are essential and at a time it will pay … in addition , this is not as if had so much choice in the flyer category … there aren’t much places where to sell and to make decent sales and money, this is even worst lol, so put all what u’ve got , do your best , focus on quality as much as possible and on time everything will be alright :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, things will get better if you keep trying and strive to improve. Every single item I submitted for the first few years of my membership were rejected at least once or twice before I got them accepted, and some were never accepted at all. In a way, I’m thankful for the rejections, because it basically forced me to do better, now I haven’t had a single rejection in the last few years. In fact, because of the items I have on GraphicRiver, I was contacted by a game publisher and offered a job, just because they liked my items, now I’ve been working in the game industry for a few years all thanks to Envato and many rejections.


@XioxGraphix @n2n44 Thank you so much