continuously rejected on envato elements

hello, why can’t i pass the selection to sell my vector graphics on envato elements in your opinion? this is my portfolio what’s wrong?
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Hello @Marcolivolsi

Your if upload any jobs in other marketplace obvious not approved your design in graphicriver.

Your make new item not already other marketplace will approved.


Who told you this?


Sorry, I am author in envato more 6 years ago but maybe exclusive author earning 50% and non-exclusive author earning 30%… do you understand me?

Sorry my bad english.

Thank you.

i have 160 vectors on graphic river i have many approvals but i don’t have them on envato elements, they don’t take me as contributor, are you on elements?


For who question? I or @romlam?

i am a designer for 17 years in a small agency i have rating close to 5 stars (over 4,9) and over 5,6 K and never been accepted for this , envato studio or whatever is linked to hand picking …

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selected where? I’m not on elements but on graphic river, you got it wrong …

the theme on the thread is very confusing … now i understand what u mean …


Maybe he is error choose category as “graphicriver”.

what are u creating ? i mena the kind of item? this maybe an issue for u to join or not …

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I just saw your portfolio on GR and you have 163 items / 4 years and 0 sales! Man I never saw something like this before! You should reconsider your entire strategy here. I know sounds harsh but seams like your vectors are not popular at all. This is a clear example of what reviewers think when they approve an item and what the real item’s selling potential is.

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I’m in both GR and EE. They sent me an invite email when the platform was launched.

how much can you earn about a month on envato elements?

Depends on many things but between $250 and $600 in my case.

this is taken for granted nowadays that waiting for sales to come from the platform is just the guaranty that u do not get anything too much , advertising on his own is the minimum requirement

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can i see your portfolio?

Click on my name / avatar and follow the links to GR portfolio and EE portfolio