Envato Elements Authorship

Hello Authors & moderators!

I’m a Mock-up designer I’m planning to sell items on Elements too, the problem is…

Proven track record: We require a highly rated portfolio, good customer feedback and a history of playing fair on Envato Market or other similar platforms.

As a new author, I don’t have ratings! will they accept me?

Hello @anon26484869

I can not tell you if you will get accepted or not, but you can, for sure, try! :blush:

The Elements team is always on the lookout for great authors - please fill out the author application form here.


Can I fill out that form again if they rejected me for NO Ratings reason or I’m permanently banned?

also, how many days they take to review envato portfolio?

You probably can reapply when you have a sensible rating but bear in mind they are talking about hundreds of not thousands of sales, multiple items, solid 4/5star ratings etc.

Having changed your username 4 times in the past year and having removed the only item you had a few sales on, does not help to demonstrate trust or stability

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I have a similar question too!
What if the portfolio links I provided isn’t containing the ranking and feedback from customers(I don’t run GraphicsRiver but has other platforms)
Would they think convincing or with good commercial value even if the account portfolios show the great quantities and the amount of following buyers?