Why Envato is not approving me for the Envato Elements?

Hi, all the experienced wise authors, Could you please help me out? Why Envato is not approving me for the Envato Elements? Can anyone check out my portfolio and suggest me if any steps I need to follow?

My portfolio link: [link removed]

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Your portfolio is very good, I not understand why not approved Envato Elements

This is a super crowded category so not everyone will be approved immediately

Also with respect 30 sales across 48 items in push on a year is not a lot and again in crowded categories the potential and proven interest becomes a factor

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Thanks but I also don’t understand.

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Thanks a big time for your valuable reply. As you might have noticed my portfolio and you may see that I have good quality graphics elements in my portfolio and so can you at least suggest me that should I re-apply again for Envato elements?

hi, there are a lot of very experienced authors - sometimes with a lot of sales and items - that have never been invited to join , so just be patient, develop your portfolio, get big time sales and u may have a chance to join in the future , have a nice day

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Thanks n2n44, for your wise reply. I have applied for EE twice now. I haven’t received yet any confirmation mail for the 2nd apply but If the confirmation gets negative again and should I be keep applying?

hi u are welcome :slight_smile: well indeed, as for I know there is no limited number of applications, so that I assume that u may try again on regular basis. This is not worth the drive trying every day if u know what I mean lol but u can try every quarter or so I think, this is not bad already lol

I think that they themselves don’t know what the criteria are for entering the Elements, I guess it depends on the mood of the reviewer at that moment… forget all the stories about some quality, portfolio etc. there are all kinds of things there.