About joining envato elements..

Hello there!

For the past few months I tried a couple time to apply for becoming an elements author, but everytime, even if I expended my portfolio, I still got rejected by the elements team. Meanwhile I do see people with less portfolio’s and much less sales who has been accepted to be an envato elements author. I don’t see the fairness in this really. I’m an envato author since 2011, I’m a bit upset and dissapointed how envato treats their long time authors.

At this point, I feel like I’m left behind and missing out a good amount of monthly salary since elements became a thing.

Elements team may be considering all round performance, To name few, Sales, Upload frequency, Item quality, Diversified Portfolio, No copyright issues (NO DMCA), as you said long time authors etc…

I personally seen my friend fellow author in Graphicriver with 40K+ Sales, in Top 15 authors list. Longtime author, unable to make it to Elements even after applied couple of times,

So me too not sure about selection criteria precisely,

But Good luck to you