Element application rejected

Hi there Good day.

My elements application has been rejected can I reapply? If, then how many times?

Thank all in advance.

You can apply again and there is no limit but make sure that next time you apply there’s a strong portfolio to show. They don’t rush to expand number of authors and focus is on quality, so your work should be equally good as what you see in their store as latest approved, and even better, with focus on uniqueness. You need to offer something they don’t already have and which is not widely available. Originality and high quality work, that’s the key. Take some time, a couple of months, pick less saturated categories, prepare good portfolio and try again.
Good luck!

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Thank you Suzana so much for all the details.

Best wishes for you.


I follow the criteria you said. I’ve been applying to Elements for years and always get rejected.
I don’t think this is related to quality. They see that the templates I upload are more compatible with Videohive, and I believe that they see that effects such as the number of clicks, number of visitors, link tree and SEO work are a gain in favor of Videohive.
I want to believe.
Even though I have a strong portfolio, it is a great disappointment to receive a rejection from Elements.

Not just quality but uniqueness as well. If they already have similar items on Envato Elements that means such portfolio won’t bring any fresh breeze there and unique content to their subscribers. Expand portfolio to items that don’t exist there already and consistency matters as well in quality and uploading new items. If they see existing portfolio uploads have gaps, like one year, or 2 years, that may be a reason for getting rejected as well. That’s because they need to see author will keep on creating something new instead offering same old content. What was in demand one or two years ago isn’t today and authors need to keep up. Don’t give up and good luck!

I know authors who don’t sell, only have 1-10 templates, and make identical designs. These authors are members of elements.
If it wasn’t forbidden to share author names on the forum, I could give you many nicknames.
Unfortunately, Envato is not transparent and honest about this issue.
For proof: check out the new templates on Videohive. Check out the profiles of authors of non-original content. You will see that authors with few templates are members of elements.