Application for Envato elements.

Hi all. I am an aspiring author at VideoHive. There are 23 works in my portfolio so far. Templates for text and graphics. My application for participation in elements is rejected. Please help with advice. What needs to be done, corrected, how much work needs to be done in order for my candidacy to be approved? Link to my profile: [link removed]

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They probably provided some information why it’s rejected, if not, check the link below:

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To get accepted as an author on Envato Elements you need to build up your portfolio in such a way that shows variety and uniqueness, not only quality of work but that you would bring fresh breeze and something new for Envato Elements customers. The best way to understand what they are looking for would be by scrolling through the latest videos on Envato Elements in that category.

Don’t get discouraged, use the time between applications to explore, find inspiration by browsing works of other authors, and upload only quality with a focus on originality.

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Hello. this is what they write to me.
"Thank you for your recent Elements application.
We have completed our review of your portfolio submission. Unfortunately, on this occasion, your application was unsuccessful.
We appreciate the time and effort that you have put into your application and encourage you to continue working on your portfolio. "

It usually means that you don’t have the items they liked to approve your application for Elements.
Add more items to your portfolio and request another application after 6 months.

some of the reasons for frequent rejections, that could be because we used the same portfolio during Openshop… my advice is don’t let that happen because there will be strong rejection… and you can read the article shown in your email there you can read what which is an important protrusion of element reception.

Hi. Sorry, I don’t quite understand what you are talking about.