How I can be an Author in Envato Elements

Hello Guys!
I had submitted for being an author in Envato Elements for several time, But I didn’t get any answer, Do you have any suggestion?
I have 18 products on Graphic River with 42 sales.

Hello and welcome!
You will receive reply once they get to that application and they really get many so may happen even months pass before you hear from them. There is no need to apply again until you get their reply.

Envato Elements authors are carefully selected by Envato, and the most important when you are applying is to have a really strong portfolio to show, with items that bring something fresh, unique, interesting, quality work that will sell a lot. To get the idea of what they are looking for, check some portfolios of Elements Authors in that category.

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Quick question about the same topic:

I have my personal account, but I want to create another account, for my studio. It will be the higher quality, even better with other 2 great designers too.

Is there a way I can help/make my studio accepted? Not waiting for months, or to mention that I am part of the studio? (previously approved author here)

Portfolio you link when you apply is what they check and then decide. There is no fast-forward option, they go through applications one by one as they receive those. It works just the same as support ticket system, what gets in first is what is replied first, and there are so many Envato market authors that apply to be there on Envato Elements, as well as new authors that want to join Envato. I waited a couple of months, there is no shortcut and depends only on number of applications they have to go through. Sometimes they stop applications for certain categories when they have too many authors. Envato Elements is more about quality than quantity.
Good luck! I hope to see your designs there!

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