Apply to become an Envato element author

hello everyone …

Almost One month ago (August 8), I applied to become an Envato Element Author, usually how long does it take for Envato to review my portfolio? is it 4 weeks or 6 weeks or even more than that?

For those of you who are already an envato element author, let me know, how long it took for you to be approved as an author on Envato Element?

and one more question, is it true, if I don’t get an approval email from Envato, that means my application is rejected ??

Thank you for your attention.

hi sorry to inform u of the bad news , but if they do not contact u back they are not interested in u …

I like your portfolio allot. Super clean and neat items. Based on your item’s quality I tend to believe they will finally accept you.

it really makes me sick, it’s like they are ignoring me, but that’s okay, i know maybe they don’t have enough time to send rejection e-mails to me or the thousands of people applying to be authors on envato element.

but how long will it take for me to know that i am really rejected? Is it true that 2 months is the longest time for them to review my portfolio?

lol i am a graphic designer for 17 years and never been accepted either in envato studio or elements , buddy … i am not sure what is the criteria of selection apart from maybe creating assets rather than print templates (it looks either if so) … to answer your question , u failed to read properly what they said and what i wrote too lol if they do not feel interested in u and what u have to offer, u get no message , so no need to wait for it, u may wait for long lol

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Thank you very much for your appreciation, you make me optimistic and a little less worried. I hope what you say can be a prayer for me to become an author of Envato Element

Hahaha… Really?? Lol …

Have you submitted yourself as an author on envato element many times?

What are you doing makes me think, that there is someone who gets rejected more times than me … hahaha

Fortunately I was invited from the beginning (don’t know why me). Several months after I was not temped to participate in Elements (stupid me). Now from my experience there Elements is way more better the GR.

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because u are a talent and u create assets and a variety of things , this is why and in this case that was legitimate indeed :slight_smile:

several times, to answer your question, for the rest i will try to take it as a joke and not a personal attack lol

oh, you missed a precious opportunity. It is unfortunate.

but after that have you ever tried to reapply?

thank you for sharing your experience with me now i know that i should forget about it, hahaha

If indeed my application is accepted then I will be very happy, but if my submission is rejected, at least I have forgotten, lol

I just don’t upload at the beginning but since April 2018 my shop is on.

u did not get it … he was asked to join from the beginning (envato contacted him with they opened the thing, if u wish) … he just did not upload right after joining, which happens to a lot of people whether this is in GR or elsewhere

@DesignSomething @n2n44

Oh, i am sorry… I just get it now… I think when you didn’t upload the item at that time or ignore the invitation, the invitation will expire or something. Hahaha luckie you… I just check your envato element @DesignSomething… Your item is so greatgreat. :smiley:

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u are talking to a design teacher buddy and a highly experienced author, as this is who Designsomething is …