How long does it take the Envato Element Author approval notification

Hello everyone.
I will ask about how long it will take to be approved to be an envato element author. Almost 1 month ago on September 28 I applied for Envato Element Author, but until now there has been no email notification whether I was accepted or not. How long does the notification usually take? is it 1 month? And can I apply again even though I haven’t received a notification from Envato Element ?. At that time, I also experienced a rejection to become an envato element author, I got a rejection notification only 3 days after I submitted it. I want to ask all of you who have experienced whether 3 weeks is a bad or good sign hahaha. thank you for paying attention to the complaint. sorry if my english is bad

I can only tell by the elements. I think the rejection comes when your element is considered, but it is not considered immediately. I usually have 3 to 10 days from the moment the item is uploaded. My English is bad too)

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So in conclusion I have bad or good news

So in my conclusion within 3 weeks I have good or bad news?

hi , indeed, unless they consider your application and feel interested in u , u do not receive any notification at all …

I just want to know. if they are interested in how long it will take?. and I asked again if I could apply again within 3 weeks after submitting?

if there is no notification what does it mean rejected? difficult that Envato sends notifications?

hi indeed, yes this means that they did not select u … for the notification , no comment lol

It’s like any job application, at least where I’m from. If they don’t select you, you wont hear about it.

@DensCreativeStudio I like your presentations.

I can be wrong with this (I’m not 100% sure) but from what I remember, there was a discussion in the forum when Elements was launched and someone from Envato let us know that the approval team was looking for authors that have items in multiple categories. I tried to search for that topic but I cannot find it.

You can see the criteria here.

I am a published photographer and network television segment producer, and I have been an Envato customer for over 10 years and signed up to be an exclusive author for assets here. I have a public proven track record but I am unable to develop one here on Envato because PhotoDune is shutdown for submissions. In the meantime, I am giving stock video submissions a try. Found this thread while Googling approval times, to find out you do not give denial notifications, and this reply about proven track records within Envato… which, puts industry-qualified candidates like myself at a steep disadvantage.

You don’t need to apply to be an Author on the Envato Marketplaces, you only need to apply to be on the subscription service Elements.

If you submitted some items to VideoHive, then you’ll get an email saying whether it’s been accepted or rejected once it’s reviewed. The notifications are automated, so as soon as your item is reviewed you will be notified.