Information request about Envato Elements.

Hi there,

I’m an Envato Graphicriver Author and have few questions about elements.

I’ve made a request to be an Envato Elements Author. They’ll not approve it probably but it’s not the situation at this case.

I have 10 items on Graphicriver but only 5 of them is high quality items mostly mockups. I’ll add too much high quality items on Elements if its approved.

The first question is, Should I remove my graphicriver items if I become an Elements author?

Second question is, Is there any chance to approve my request about become elements author?

Any advice might be nice.

Thanks all.

no, you should not.

It depends on your portfolio standard and the envato elements reviewer team will take decision about it.

@mgscoder hank you for answer! So Element’s quality standards are higher than Envato Graphicriver?

@harmanov you are member (author) in envato market for 6 years. So, you must should know the review process of envato market. envato market approve only the very high quality items. So, when you will apply for envato elemements then if you have a rich portfolio in envato market then elements review team can make sure about your item quality and which will help to accept the portfolio in elements.

@mgscoder Understood. Thank you again for clear answer.

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