Invoice Template


Hey guys!

I’m just about done with a simple invoice template design, and I’ve been debating about whether to upload it by itself, or to wait and package it with some other ID design documents. There are a few “Package Designs” for sale currently, and I’m wondering if it’d get through the reviewers by itself… What are your thoughts?

PS: I know the numbers aren’t right. :slight_smile: Also, the thumb is slightly blurry, for some reason…



Personally I’d turn it into a pack, even if it’s a small one. Not in terms of whether it’s gonna get through on its own (for which I have no idea), but just to compete more equally with other items.

But on a side note, oh my, I might scale down that last total font size, or at least write a much much smaller number (maybe even just putting zeros as price indication). I love it overall but that detail…you know how psychology works, imagine when it comes to an invoice, heh. :slight_smile:


Good point about the font, didn’t think about that! :slight_smile: Thanks for the positive criticism!

I’ll package it with a few other documents and see what happens. Thanks!


My pleasure DMT, good luck and happy sales (and welcome on GR!) :wink:



I made two other documents, and I’m thinking of making a resume document as well.

Here they are:


Let me know what anyone thinks about the other two.


If you’re interested, you could also check out Zoho Invoice. There are nice invoice templates. You can also customize these templates and put a brand name or logo on the invoices.

Invoice template