Invoice template isn't at the quality standard

Hello everyone,

We submitted an invoice template for review about 8 days ago as an effort to update our dated portfolio. The files cover Illustrator (.ai), Photoshop (.psd), MS Word (.docx) and MS Excel (.xlsx) in A4 an LTR. We just got a reply saying that it’s not at the quality standard and we’re a bit at a loss.
Could you please give us some feedback?

hi as for me i rather like it and this is definitely not the most inconsistent work i have ever seen to say the least … now i assume that maybe the typo part could be improved by adding a bit of originality and a few combinations, at this stage the work typowise is clean but no more than that (so maybe not up to people’s expectations here) … u can take it to the next level if u had more combo and more originality, it will help to strengthen the hierarchy as well
apart from this is tend to believe that the header is not really matching with teh rest , i guess u should optimize your preview by adding a logo that values by bringing more harmony indeed

Hello n2n44,

Thank you a lot for your response and for your appreciation, it does dilute the bad taste of getting a hard rejection for my first personal upload :dizzy_face:

I hear you, I concede that the header is a bit “light”. I’ll try to make something more consistent.
As for the typo, I thought a single one would be easier for the end user to deal with. I’ll try to use a fitting combination.

I see you’re rather active on this forum and I can only assume you’ve seen a lot of people asking for help. May I ask for your opinion again once I’m done with the edits? I’m sorry if I’m sounding too needy, I’m a bit afraid of submitting again without a second opinion considering my initial rejection…

hi i understand but do not give up anyways, we all have hard rejections and i know what i am talking about lol i have just had one lol even if this sounds completely out of this world i just try to laugh out of it now … lol
as for asking for sure u can, i tryt o help as much as possible as u could see …
do not be afraid of resubmitting , this is no use … all u need to do is to make sure that u bring significant work to the table … u may also opt for posting as such somewhere else (if u can do so), it depends on u …

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I’ll notify you once I’m done.

Have a great day!

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u too :0 i hope it could help :slight_smile: