Some feedback for my template.

Hi everyone!

I submitted a resume template about 15 days ago. it was soft rejected about 10 days ago because of some issues. Then I resubmitted, and again soft rejected after one day because I didn’t include any documentation. Now I submitted it again with a brief documentation 2 days ago. Not yet approved or rejected. Can anyone tell me after watching this preview, what are my chances??? :confused: :confused:

@Pixel_Factory Nice one.

but i found some issues. there. and more focus on typography.

make some space between form and map

chenge the color of triggers

improve the lightbox section.

fill the empty space with something. and improve text.

All the best :ok_hand:


Thanks Muse_Master for feedback. I will try to improve these things. btw they approved it today you can see it here.

Congratulations on your approved item… That is an excellent accomplishment…


go unique or go home

Hey… What happened to your site… Was it taken down ???

I am still in shock no email from envato balance freeze and item removed. I have sent them email but still no replay. Can you tell me why this happened???

Would not have the slightest idea… Did you send in a trouble ticket ?

I have sent an email to help team… :frowning: :frowning: still no replay

One thing that I did see at one time was that the page had a virus or something… but not sure that was valid…

BTW how long did you have to wait for the item to get approved… I am in the same process and am about to release a vCard of my own and wanted to get some directions by ones who have been successful

Ya there was a trouble with live preview page. My domain was blacklisted by some services but i changed the domain.

First time it took 10 days and then rejected. then they rejected again twice within 2 days. and finally approved within a day. (only first time they took a while)

Ya… I think that was the issue the virus… Well much success as you were selling pretty good… I am not sure that my concept is as good as yours, but I am also going to give it a try :)… Any suggestions or recommendations ? As I am really nervous to see if I can make it or not… Any suggestions and/or comments are always appreciated… Thanks.

BTW what was it that you had to change in order for it to be accepted ?

But all my success collapsed within a minute. they took $313 from my account :frowning: :(. Can i have a look at yours?

Sure… here is the link…remember this is my first time… :smile:

I am submitting today :smile: So please tell me what yo think? and if you have any tips that would be much appreciated…


First time objections. 1) use placeholder images in buyers package. 2) use jquery functions like on() instead of click() etc. second time don’t have documentation. third documentation is not good and then approved

Ok… That is useful information!!! I will go ahead and make sure that I have all that within the project…

Thanks for that!!

Did you get a chance to look at my site concept ?

If i tell you truth, you are underestimating yourself. Your idea is really really cool. The thing i noticed is that your blog page is weak (that’s why i didn’t added it in mine :smile: ) . Have a look at typical blog pages and try to make like those. The second one is typography on blog page use some more cool font. like open sans or that you used on other pages. Rest is good enough for themeforest.

Good point… I will go ahead and update the blog text