Please Suggest to Can I Submit the Invoice Template

Copy/paste content is lazy and unfinished

Alignment issues esp in the header

Needs multiple variations, layouts, colours, fields etc.


thanks for advice

Your “update” is like seconds of work for me. Why would I pay for your work if I can make it by myself faster than pay for yours? Our customers are designers (I think mostly) who want save their time. :wink: - I think it’s not enough for now.

See below - 30 seconds of work, I can adjust any color and print this with speed of light - and this is not the point on envato. ;]


hi u have very little design out there , this is clean and harmonious but the thing is that there is little graphic work here at the moment and this is , as mentioned by @Novocaina decreasing gamely the commercial potential of the item , people opting for redoing and saving money rather than saving time and and buying … in addition, the typo is rather flat and lacking variations, font combinations and originality touches indeed