Interesting observation about using real piano...

First off, I’m perfectly happy with what I have in my library at AJ. But I’ve recently had two rejections, classical solo piano pieces that AJ had a few versions of in the library. The only difference between mine and the existing versions is that I recorded mine on a real piano. So it’s a slightly different sound…both songs done this way were rejected on the basis of arrangement (their classical so the arrangement is set in stone) and the “samples/recording/mixing/mastering”. All other compositions submitted on sampled piano and accepted were done with one of the various sampled piano libraries I use. Kind of strange. Perhaps reviewers ears are just used to hearing sampled as opposed to real instruments now? Just a thought.

To give you my background, I’ve been a writer/producer/engineer for 30+ years. I use AJ for compositions written for TV shows that were later cut from the episodes…happens all the time.

I’m posting this simply to let others know to keep moving forward. I’ve scored (fully or partially) 3300 episodes of TV and I even get rejected here. So keep working and never take it personally.


Great advice (to just keep writing) Ron! Not sure why your track got rejected though maybe you could share it here and get some feedback if you think it would help?

Omg…You wrote the original Power Rangers theme? Amazing!

Great to meet you here.

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I agree with @stardiva. You could share rejected item to get some feedback from authors.

it sounds like you should be a reviewer

Thanks so much!!!

BTW - I can’t post the items. I’ve already sent them to another library and would not want to violate any terms of the agreement. Just to be safe. - Sorry.

Truly great advice, thank you.

Very interesting situation.It seems that people this days are so into synthetic ideal sound,so they don’t feel the beaty of human playing and live recordings.
I just hope that this situation with piano won’t be the starting point for same in the realm of guitars,strings and etc.
Or maybe it’s just AJ commercial standarts :slight_smile:

Can you post this piece on SoundCloud? I wanna hear it. It’s always nice to see real instruments in use. And good advice by the way!