Installing erros with Essentials - themeforest...

Hi there,

I had a theme up and running, however, had to delete my WordPress site completely due to hosting issues. Now on the second go-round, I am able to upload the theme however installation is not working well. I get to the point of ‘step 2’- Theme activation when clicking the essentials tab in WordPress.

I figured this may be due to the license, however, the URL is the same. For background info, I am using digital ocean droplet-> Namecheap for the domain. (I had to destroy the droplet which changes the IP address however it’s pointed to the same URL now). When I click deactivate theme a popup is displayed I hit okay and nothing happens? When skipping, I try and upload a demo site, but it errors out.

I tried Pixfort support its been 10hours now without a peep. Disappointing.

How can I address this issue?

You should talk to the author about deregistering so it can be reapplied

Ah so my hunch of the license being the issue is correct. Okay, I have reached out to pixfort but nothing… ill try again. Thansk

It’s a weekend so i may be the start of the week before they reply