Taunita theme upload problems WordPress

Hello I have the Taunita theme that I bought a while back and I have no problems uploading to WordPress however I can’t get the theme to load up like the demo. I’m trying to set up the demo files but for some reason the demo is not installing. I’m also not able to verify the plug-ins using the purchase code I got so I’m not sure how to fix these issues but help is appreciated thanks

Hi @johnnyr860,

I noticed you’ve had problems with theme installation a while ago, this time it may be down to similar reason. Failure of demo content upload process is usually caused by hosting server settings, that are not controlled by WordPress.

It looks like “Taunita” theme is no longer available on ThemeForest, but I suppose you could still message its’ author:


Well unfortunately it’s been a week and the theme author has not gotten back to me neither has themeforest which is why I am here as a last resort. The theme was just removed from the store recently. The theme and child theme are both successfully installed in my WordPress however the demo files are not. It keeps saying they files are invalid or missing which can’t be true since I installed the same demo files I used the last time I installed this theme before and they worked just fine. I also cannot get revolution slider to work because it’s asking me to verify my purchase and when I type in the purchase code from my theme it says invalid code even though revolution slider came with the theme when I originally bought it. I would like to think that even though the author does not sell the theme any longer that all my purchased files should still work including the demo files but I can’t get anything to work so I have a theme installed that doesn’t do much for me and I’m still waiting but no response from the seller or themeforest in about a weeks time now.

Oh, I see. I’m afraid I can’t do much more. Have you checked your e-mail spam folder? A week seems much for ThemeForest to reply to support tickets.

I’m gonna tag theme author as well - @themeperfect :slight_smile:


You cant valid Revolution slider with purchase code from template. You need to buy license for revolution slider that you can get updates.
Also it depends from where is import demo content. Some templates are taking demo content from developers servers , some have local content from template.
If is that template not exist my advice is to buy another template. Why you will put template without support and updates. And ask refund.

But that doesn’t make any sense because I used the revolution slider before and I did not need to buy any licensing or anything else since it was included with my theme. Even in my themes documentation it says revolution slider is included with my theme so it makes no sense that I have to buy something else for it when I didn’t have to do that before. As for a refund they won’t give me one. It’s been too long since I bought the theme and in the envato/ themeforest rules it says that just because the theme doesn’t work doesn’t make it a valid reason for a refund.

I’m trying to avoid spending any more money than I already have on this website which is why I want this theme to work so I don’t have to buy another one. If it worked before how come it doesn’t work now? As for the demo files I followed the directions in the themes documentation. Still waiting on my support ticket to be answered.

Is this version of using the theme and slider the same as the original installation or are you trying to add it elsewhere or even a fresh installation or website.

You have get plugin but you didn’t get license for new versions of
revolution plugins.
And if is that template not supported and moved from Themeforest you will
not get any update neither for template nor plugins.
If you want to get regular updates for slider you need to buy license.

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I never updated the plugin though just left it with the original one that came installed with the theme. Having to update a theme is a pain getting a new one because what this tells me is that every single time a theme is no longer sold I will have to go out and buy a new one when I don’t want to do that. Ever since this theme was removed from the market place my theme and website has been glitchy and files have gone missing from the theme design itself.

I was unaware that when a theme becomes unavailable for sale that the theme itself loses some of its content. I would like to think that when I buy a theme and the theme is no longer available that my website remains exactly as I had it but in my case I lost a bunch of things with the website and I never updated or did anything different to the website until everything went missing I decided to reinstall the entire theme and redo the website.

Sorry for your problems johnnyr860! I deleted all my themes from the market because i will focus only to sell niche themes. You found errors because taunita theme was deleted from my server and therefore xml file is not working. If you want to install demo content i will help you. Thanks!